Steps and tips to Get organized NOW !!!

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When the new season shows up: end of a hot summer or a cold winter, It’s time for new beginnings. It's time to refresh your closet, garage, etc. So it's really all about reorganizing and getting a fresh start.

Some people have this major skill of getting organized all on their own. Others evidently just don't have this skill.

I would like to share with you some preliminary organization tips.

So I hope this post inspires you and that you‘ll learn something from it!

Common organization problems

We have the feeling that the closet continues to grow and grow even when we are not shopping.

Shirts, dresses, shoes, sports equipment …the closet seem to be a complete mess, it’s basically a giant junk drawer with no rhyme or reason to it.

I mean sometimes we just feel embarrassed about our bathroom space or kitchen…

Yes it’s cool to buy new things, but at the same time if you have trouble getting rid of things, that leads to a lot of clutter

Of course, one solution is connecting with a professional home organizing company to help you, but before that, you can try doing it by yourself. here are the steps to reorganize your spaces

Make a tour of our entire apartment first and write down the list of areas that are “a mess”, that need to be refreshed.

1- The edit

The  first step in the hoard early organization process is the edit this is when you remove absolutely everything straight

This is the step where you figure out that you are not using some items anymore, for a long time. There are some items you don't even know where this came from

do you have some furniture that you are not using anymore for a long time, maybe it’s time to get rid of it an save some space

When  you start organizing, you have to be prepared because it will get worse before it gets better:

You  lay it all out so you can see what you've got

You will find some stuff kind of “is this necessary, why I have this”.

And then you go through every last thing you own

2- Regrouping

First, just do some regrouping and separate things out into piles: keep, donate, throw away

you don't have to be a minimalist but you can always live with less.

go through every headband, belt, the bag...

Normally at this step, the entire living room was completely covered with clothing

That first chunk of stuff that you start sorting through can be a little bit hard to part with but once you start seeing how good it feels to just clear things out and to make space in your life the rest will just flow.

After  all, the sorting is done and after knowing exactly what you‘ll keep, then it’s time to strategize for where you‘ll put everything


And  then come to the folding process

Most of the time, we just slap your clothes together and call it a fold.

There is a folding system called „the file folding“: basically instead of folding everything and then laying it one on top of the other, where you're folding from bottom to top everything in the closet is arranged from front to back. So when you pull it all out it looks like a filing cabinet and you can see everything you own.

It can be applied from t-shirts to long-sleeve shirts to shorts to underwear to thongs.

Get your Clothes folder

clothes folding

3- Reorganization

And  now it's time for the real organization to begin

Again  make sure everybody has their own space so you can reassemble in a way that makes the most sense for us and for our clothing

When  you organize something, you can maintain it much easier because one of those systems you put in place is the system feeling ownership of your own space we

In  order to have additional storage, you can use shoe racks, drawer dividers, bins to put inside the shelves, hanger dividers

One other tip is, once everything in place, put labels for hanger dividers, drawers, bins …

You  can use a label machine to print out

Reorganizing the bathroom

Given the number of beauty products that one the bathroom is a difficult part.

You need to transform it from an explosive mess to a neat and orderly space that you want to spend time in

To organize bathroom essentials basically, everything should be displayed with a little bit of space between it so that it looks like a shelf in a store.

If you travel a lot, then this tip will be your favorite one: travel kit

Because you feel like you‘re always packing and unpacking your bathroom essentials so should make your life a whole lot easier by picking up a pre-made travel bag that essentially mimicked everything that is already in the cabinet.

So whenever you travel, you have this ready to go bag and you'll never forget anything ever again

Check out our Bathroom organizers

Bathroom organizers

Reorganizing the Desk space

The problem is we usually don’t have any sort of way to organize all the supplies that we have, so either everything is tucked away neatly so that the desk is clean. Or everything is totally splayed out and we have everything at our disposal but it’ a complete and utter mess.

Start by setting aside the supplies that you don't use and make a donation pile and then we started organizing the rest of it.

Assemble a new set of bins to put right next to the desk

Separate the pens and markers into individual containers and then begin filing things away in an arrangement that made the most sense for you.

Check out our desk organizers

Desk organizers

Reorganizing the kitchen

Cleaning  out the drawer in your kitchen where you are used to throwing everything in it and it is a total junk drawer

Tidying  up the bottom of the kitchen sink area that used to be exploding with cleaning supplies and plastic bags

Check out our kitchen organizers

kitchen organizers

Reorganizing Digital Spaces

Be  inspired also to clean up your digital spaces so:

- Organize all the apps on your Phone into categories

- Cleaned up the desktop icons on your computer

phone app categories

Focus on one space at a time

It’s  better to focus on one space at a time

Make these steps for each area. when you completely finish organizing a space, start from step 1 in another space. it’s better than doing all the steps in all the house at the same time.

to tackle one category at a time if you don't want your house to look like a cyclone went through it.

What’s next

After organizing everything you’ll have to be inspired to continue organizing on your own.

I really hope this post inspires you to get organized