10 Practical Ideas to an organized fridge (That work fast)

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The fridge is one of the most used parts of the house. We open it like a hundred time a day. And surprisingly it’s one of the less organized areas. Everything is on top of each other, nothing has it’s own space.

Do you want to have your fridge and freezer all organized in its containers so that it looks like one of those fridges of Pinterest? We will try to give you some tips.

How to organize your fridge

You have to keep in mind when organizing your fridge what makes sense for you, what works best for your family, what food you have to work with and where it's located in the fridge.

After taking out everything from the fridge and cleaning it, here are some ideas for an organized fridge, that might work for you

Adjust Your Shelves

Since all refrigerators are designed with adjustable shelves you should use them! Move the different sections according to the foods you have in your refrigerator at that time. Create a shelf specifically designed to fit the length of the cartons. When you shop and load your refrigerator with different foods, adjust the height of your shelves again for optimal organization.

Separate categories in containers

Separated all your items into different categories using containers, or just set a dedicated place to a specific category. That way you can see exactly what's what and  nothing's on top of each other

Containers color

You can use any kind of container to organize your fridge. It can be white ones or colorful ones, but it’s better to stick with the clear ones because it's easier to see what's in each bin, and you can find things easier.

kitchen transparent container

Use a Lazy susan

Using a lazy susan would be a good idea to put in the fridge so that you don't have to move items out of the way you can just spin your little lazy susan and get to what you need.

lazy susan

Keep the Dairy in the Back

The back of your refrigerator is the coldest. That's why it's a great place for your dairy products. Cheese, yogurt and sour cream will all make the coldest. In addition, dairy products are generally available in larger containers. Stacking them toward the back of your refrigerator makes them easier to see and does not block any of your other objects.

Open items and Leftovers

How many times have you put a container of leftovers on the bottom shelves of your fridge and forgotten all about them? That’s because they are out of sight and out of mind.

Make sure you have a specific container or space, clearly visible, for things that might have been open and other items that need to be consumed first.

Up top is typically the best space because they are eye level.

 Refrigerator Storage Box

Fruits and vegetables

It’s better to organize fruits and vegetables is separate drawers instead of mixing them. And preferably put the fruits and vegetables that need to be consumed in the front, so you will see them first and think about using them before the oldest ones.

When used correctly, these drawers can extend the life of your produce.

Meat and cheeses...

One thing to think about is: don't put your meat and cheeses at the top of the fridge. Because if anything kind of leaks out of it will go all over your food. So keep that stuff really low.

Sauces and condiments on the doors

Keep the sauces and condiments on the doors because that's the area that's the warmest of the fridge and those the things that won't go bad as fast so that's a good location

Labels everywhere...

The last step is to label these containers. You can use a simple label maker for this, or a label machine.

Having labeled containers help you see quickly what ingredient is missing.

The labeling part of the organization is always a cherry on top because it really helps you maintain your organization projects so that you don't take on a project like this and then end up messing it all up the next week because you're not putting things back where they belong.

You’ll love the labels on everything it really makes it look like everything has its own place.

It’ll just look really pretty and you can tell exactly what's in your fridge,

What's next: Maintain the organization

After Organizing your fridge you’ll have so much more space in there even if you go grocery shopping it's still not going to be completely full :)

I really hope you liked this article and learned a little bit more about how you can organize your fridge. Hopefully, this motivates you to clean out your fridge and organize it yourself too because it's not that much of a daunting task especially if you get rid of stuff you end up with less food and it's so much easier to put back.

You’ll feel so much better having an organized fridge and feel excited to go grocery shopping now, so you can fill the fridge up even more.

The hard part is to maintain the organization of this fridge, but now that everything's labeled and has its own place, you should be able to do it.

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