How to stay organized

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How to Stay Organized

Getting organized can literally change your life. This can affect many aspects of your life. It’s a mindset that you must have to achieve your goals.

You want to make sure everything is in its place and you know where it's supposed to be and it's organized before you start working

How to organize items in your house

You can check our post "Tips to Get your home organized", where we share useful steps and tips to set up properly your working environment and to some degree your state of mind as well

Once your house is organized you will have to always put things back exactly as you found them the moment you are done with them.

This is a very important habit that you should have because we all found ourselves in trouble because we ran afoul of something. So this simple action will help you be organized.

How to organize your tasks

Do not rely too much on your brain to store information. Our memory is fallible, things fade especially when we don't use them, so when you want to remember something Write it down on your preferred too: for example a paper notebook or a digital one (many free solutions exists).

That tool needs to be easily accessible so. if you do really want to use paper make sure it's a paper notebook that you are keeping with you wherever you go, or if it's a note-taking system make sure it's a cloud accessible note-taking system so whatever device you're using at the time you can easily search it to find what you're looking for.

For digital solution  make sure it has a usable search tool and make sure your naming convention that makes sense

label things

You should label things and be especially diligent about doing this with things that you are using every day, in order to find quickly what you’re looking for. But you have to label things that you aren't going to use or interact with for quite a long time.

You can always live with less

you don't have to be a minimalist but you can always live with less.

organized people are very deliberate about what they own what they buy and what they choose to keep.

You should take care to buy things that bring you value, joy or utility. But don't keep things around if they're not useful to you. Don't let that clutter up your space

This is something that you should keep in mind as well because remember, the more things that you own the more energy and time you have to spend maintaining them and storing them and keeping them organized.

It's a good thing to remember that organized people don't spend more time and energy than they have to on organization tasks. It's a means to an end

So be deliberate about the things that you buy ask yourself am I buying this because it will bring me joy or utility or am I buying it for some frivolous stupid reason or am I buying it just to impress somebody else

And likewise with the things you already own be asking yourself on a regular basis “do I still need to keep this thing”, “could I donate it to somebody else”, “could somebody else get more use out of it than I could” or “can I just get rid of it because it's no longer valuable to me or anyone”

“There are two ways to do something. The right way, and again.”

You don’t need to be obsessed with being an organized person. You’ll have to build your own organization system and put rules, then the most difficult part is to apply stick to these rules and  do your best to keep your areas as organized as possible

We hope we inspired you and motivated you to Get Organized.