How to organize your closet

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Chances are, the total number of clothes that exists in our house is substantial, it is not nicely kept and cared for. and it is just squished into every possible orifice: Cabinets, armoires, drawers, closets, hanging, any way you can imagine.

Are You survival swimming through piles of laundry?

Are some of your drawers so full that it's hard to open them?

Do you feel like your closet is so stressful?

This situation happens when your wardrobe has slowly grown into the black hole that it is today over the last years. And you have got rid of none of your items along the way. So your closet was growing slowly but steadily.

One other thing that hinders your Organization is when your storage pieces are not purposefully acquired to fit your clothes.

So at one point, you’ll decide to start scraping some clothes off, organize your closet, and tackle this area of your house.

1- The Edit

Basically, the idea is to grab individual sections of clothes and make them clearly visible.

edit also all of the items that are folded in your dressers and also in the wardrobe. Because maybe some clothes will be organized with another category, and you will need to fold them back in a different way.

2-  Donate vs keep

The project with this step being devoted to scaling back our total items. You’ll have to decide: “Donate“ or “Keep“.

You should donate if for example:

- A piece of cloth is not in the rotation anymore (Or has never entered in the rotation).

- if you like something about a piece of clothing but you don‘t   Feel good wearing it. you probably wouldn't ever wear it. This sounds like „maybe we should donate that“.

- If you don’t remember the last time you wear an item.

questionable ones can be put in another pile so you can decide later.

3- Reorganizing

3.1 Assess your space

The goal of this step is:

- Have a clear idea about the organizers and the space that you already have.

- Make a plan for how you need to fill in the gaps to make it super functional,    Organized and easy for you to maintain.

- Analyze the flow of the room.

3.2 Analyse your habits

So you should analyze your habits and reorganize items depending on your habits, so you avoid a lot of back and forth.

3.3 Folding

This is when you'll do a little folding.

The recently popularized file folding method where every item is facing up when you open a drawer kind of like the spines of books on a shelf and. basically what you would do for pants, for example, is to fold them down the crotch then fold the legs into thirds and then do One last fold.

clothes folding

3.4 Storing

After deciding what you're keeping you’ll have to think where all of your items should be stored.

Maybe Reconfiguring the closet systems that you have could be a good idea; so that  it works a little bit better with the items that you own :

- Use some slots so you can customize the drawers and shelves inside of the closet either by moving them around or by buying specialized ones for your     Organizational pleasures.

-  One storage solution is to get closet inserts that could work for you as a Pants hanger for example.

To make the most out of your drawers think about adding some cool slider dividers for your underthings.

Check out our closet organizers

3.5 Sorting

It’s time for the micro organizing, some final tips :

- Make sure that everything is sorted by category using dividers. That way it's easy for you to find and also to put things back.

- Add baskets to contain some of the items that don't get hung in your closet like your winter Hats and your ski socks.

- Add a couple of mini baskets throughout for accessories.    

-  Leave a little bit of space for growth, So if you get more things over time you’ll have a little bit of empty basket space to grow into.

3.6 Labeling

This is the time when you label.

Labels are one of the best ways to maintain a home. Because you’ll create a visual reminder for where to put back the items.

You should label things and be especially diligent about doing this with things that you are using every day in order to find quickly what you’re looking for. But you have also to label things that you aren't going to use or interact with for quite a long time.

What's next

The decreased quantity of clothes should give you more space to see what you own and make you  Feel a lot of relief.

Now the goal is to maintain your drawers and closets streamlined and looking good.

I hope this article gave you ideas on How to organize your closet and helps you to learn how to fit everything into your furniture pieces and to have uniform folding using and storage solutions like drawer dividers, baskets, and labels.