Declutter your home: 10 Decluttering tips

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Declutter your home: 10 Decluttering tips

Many of you have the resolution to get organized and the first step that you can do is always to declutter your space. However, do cluttering doesn't just happen overnight. a lot of times it's an ongoing project that you have to do a little by little, but over time, create big results


We're going to list some decluttering tips that can be applied to any lifestyle and whether you have a huge house or a little small apartment. I think they'll be really helpful to keep your house organized.

  • Set up a donation bin

the major reason that so many people struggle with clutter is they don't make it a regular habit to declutter. and one strategy that is really helpful is to set up a really beautiful basket or bin somewhere in the house. this will help you stay in the habit of adding to that donation pile

Our Bins and boxes

  • Keep only items that you use

For example when decluttering your closet start by asking yourself this question: “Do I love this item and I really want to keep it?” if the answer is clearly yes, then keep them in the closet. If you start hesitating when answering this question, put the item somewhere else.

This will give you a clear view of what you use every day.

  • Match the number of items to the number of people

To match the number of everyday items to the number of people in your home and then store all the rest away. One of the benefits is to not dirty those things and free some precious space that can be used for more frequently used items.

  • Create a catch-all basket

not everything had an obvious place to create a catch-all basket which is simply a bin, a basket, or a box where you put any item that doesn't belong in a specific space.

because rather than having everything spread out and looking so messy, the mess is contained in one the end of the day it's really easy to pick it up and put things away all at once

catch all basket

  • label things

Labels are one of the best ways to maintain a home. Because you’ll create a visual reminder for where to put back the items

You should label things and be especially diligent about doing this with things that you are using every day, in order to find quickly what you’re looking for. But you have also to label things that you aren't going to use or interact with for quite a long time.

  • Scan documents

One way to fight paper clutter is to scan your documents and upload them to a cloud platform or save them to your computer.

Most of the time we just need a copy of our documents. By scanning them, you can store your original documents somewhere safe. You’ll be able to print a copy from your scan anytime you need it.

For essential documents  that you just can't get rid of you can keep them in a small folder nearby . for everything you just need a   copy and don't necessarily need the original, just scan it

  • Arrange items by color and size

Let’s take the example of clothes. begin by hanging your clothes in your closet starting with your darkest color and ending with your lightest. and with each color, you begin with longest items and then move into the shortest

at the end you’ll have an arrangement that allows the eye to rise and fall comfortably and it gives the feeling of organization even though you might have a lot of items in that one spot.

This tip will allow you to reach the item that you want easily, without creating a mess.

  • Create drop-off spot for the little things

don't forget the little things like keys, remotes, and wallet. all of those items need to absolutely have   their own resting spot within your home


For example, putting TV remotes into a nice pencil holder. you could have  them arranged from tallest to shortest and just always be somewhere to grab and  then put back at the end of the day so it might seem simple or silly but giving even the lowest items  in your home a spot can just really transform your entire space  


  • Organizing ritual every day

whether it's the morning or the evening whatever works best for you set aside 5 to 15 minutes to really just quickly organize those spaces you've created for your items.

Put back everything in its place, make sure everything looks nice and neat and don't get too hung up on making everything perfect but just do what you can and you'll immediately start to see the difference and you'll probably end up extending that tidying time just because you're enjoying it so much.

  • Stand  things up rather than laying them flat

This can be applied for clothes, plates, cosmetics ….

You will be able to stack so neatly all of your cosmetics and toiletries in a nice little neat row.

The benefits of this way are that it allows more space, allows you to see every single thing that you  own and it also does not damage items as much as stacking things on top of each other